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Ideally, having a cup of hot coffee in the morning can put you in the right mode for a very productive day. Having access to your personal coffee maker can make this sweet dream a reality and this is a dream that can be realized because with the technological advancement drip coffee makers can actually render you such service.

Most coffee makers have access to store water in a reservoir and with the water stored in the reservoir, they are able to quickly produce for you within few minutes and in some model few seconds great and very tasty coffee.

The Drip coffee


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As soon as a coffee maker heats the water with which to brew the coffee, the hot water gradually start dripping into the ground coffee in the brewing machine and after a short while soaks the coffee and extracts the entire flavor in the ground coffee which could be a pre-packed ground coffee or the one you ground by yourself.

Drip coffee maker

The coffee passes through the filter before finally entering into the carafe located below. The carafe preserves the temperature of the coffee since they are located on top the heated plates.

There are two types of carafe:

  • Thermal carafe which has the capacity to keep their heated temperature for a long time without the aid of the heated plates. They have a kind of insulation and have the stainless steel features that trap the heat for an extended time.
  • Glass carafe, this type of carafe needs to seat on top heated plate which supplies the temperature to maintain the hotness of the coffee, sometimes it is suggested that to enjoy the best of the coffee from the glass carafe, you need to leave the coffee for 30 minutes.

Coffee Filters

They serve to clean up the coffee as they are located between the coffee beans and the drip tray, they make cleaning of the brewing unit easier since the particles are restricted to a particular place. There are several coffee filters that suits different purposes, read through to know their features and also make the best choice;

Metal filter

Disposable Filters

Made from some kind of paper, they do no need to be cleaned, and they are mainly used for commercial purposes. They have the ability to filter out some oils from your coffee to give it much desired purity, the oils that are removed usually cause increased cholesterol levels in the body.

Since they need no cleaning, they are therefore disposable and they also carry the ground coffee that has been used to give you less work in the clearing of the brewing unit.

One major issue with the disposable filters is the cost of buying the filters depending on your usage; this implies that people that brew and drink coffee everyday with disposable filters could be using about 365 filters in a year.

Permanent Filters

Several coffee aficionados usually engage the use of the permanent coffee filter so as to reduce waste and also enjoy the varieties that come from brewing in alternate styles; also some permanent filters allow oils to drip into the coffee which enhances the flavor of the coffee.

Types of coffee filters

There are several types of permanent coffee filters.

  • Fabric filters last quite longer that the disposable that you use once, however they need to be changed within few months. They are usually made from cotton and produce similar results to the paper or disposable ones but they need to be cleaned after some time. They allow the passage of oils which some people actually savour
  • Metal filters can be viewed as the opposite of the disposable filter since they can be re-used for a very long time, all that you need to do is to ensure that they are properly cleaned from time to time to ensure that the coffee does not taste bitter or have a poor aroma. Cleaning the filter has to be on after every use and also periodically, the periodic cleaning will have to be more detailed to ensure that bacteria does not develop.
  • Gold filters, these kinds of filters are almost like any other metal filter except that the metals are coated with gold to give it a fine look. They also allow oils to drip into the coffee and require detailed cleaning just like the other non disposable filter.

How to Brew Great Coffee

Cup of aromatic coffee over wooden table close up. Cup of coffee with burlap sack full of roasted coffee beans over wood background. Vintage style. Traditional coffee

You need to have certain things put in place to ensure that you get a great tasting coffee. The best drip coffee makers take very good care of several things which ensures that they make the best brew of coffee, some things you should do to have a great tasting coffee includes;

  • Ensure that the filter you are using is very clean, dirty filters can cause bad taste and also poor flavor
  • Also ensure that the water used is very clean to avoid poor taste and smell
  • Ensure that you have the perfect scoop to cup ratio to avoid a bad taste


Whatever be your choice and taste, always ensure that your unit is clean so that your coffee will taste good. Ensure you have a proper knowledge of the brewing machine in case you want to buy one.


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