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Choose the Best Nespresso Coffee Machines for You

Truth is nespresso coffee machines are among the best for those who love espresso and coffee. It comes with rather tiny foot print. It is compactly designed and can be placed on any surface in your kitchen. It is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen appliances to go for. It does not just produce coffee and espresso; it also beautifies your kitchen and makes the place highly attractive and inviting. It is very light in weight and can be carried around the place very easily. The design is special. This ergonomic design makes it one of the best and it gives top value for money. Its ergonomic handle also adds to the fun. The coffee and espresso maker is relatively cheap and you can buy it without having to rob a bank. Any of the outlets selling them do offer free home delivery to ensure you do not have to spend anything extra on shipping. It is not just designed for your kitchen; it can also be used at your workplace

The nespresso coffee machine makes use of 16 types of coffee capsules and each is able to add various taste and flavor to your coffee and espresso. In Prince La post, They’ve compiled the most asked questions about Nespresso and its machines. It covers the machines, capsules and accessories. As the post there are two types of Nespresso Machines: Nespresso OriginalLine and Nespresso VertuoLine. Some of them will be discussed below to enable you choose the best for you among them.

Nespresso maestria

  • Ejection and insertion of the capsule is very easy
  • It is able to hold up to 14 capsules at a time.
  • The water tank has 34 oz capacity and it is very easy to remove.
  • The coffee volume can be adjusted automatically using quantity dials.
  • The steak pipe is developed professionally and also has adjustable positioning.
  • It is able to accommodate tall recipe glasses thanks to its pivoting cup shelf
  • It is built with compact brewing unit technology.
  • It comes with thermoblock heating elements
  • It has preheating time of 25 seconds, making it one of the fastest around.
  • Its pressure pump works on a pressure of 19 bar
  • It features descaling alarm and also features water hardness setting.
  • Its body is made of aluminum and other high quality materials.

Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker

  • It is black in color
  • It is exceptionally designed
  • It comes with fully automated ejection, brewing and piercing of used capsule. It has retracting coffee outlet for stopping dripping once the coffee brewing is completed.
  • Its water tank is 27 ounce in capacity. It has pre-heating time of 25 seconds.
  • It however functions with nespresso capsule only.
  • It memorizes three cup sizes automatically; that is Lungo removable, Espresso and Ristretto.
  • It comes with drip tray to accommodate large milk recipes
  • The pump pressure is 19 bar.
  • It powers off automatically after 9 minutes on standby.
  • It indicates empty water tank via a light indicator.
  • It also indicates when the capsule dispenser is full
  • It is able to hold up to 12 used capsules.

U cream nespresso

  • It is compactly designed.
  • Piercing, brewing and ejection of already used capsule are fully automated.
  • It features a coffee outlet for stopping any dripping coffee after brewing process is concluded.
  • Its water tank is of 27 ounce capacity. Its pre-heat duration is 25 seconds.
  • It features pump pressure of 19 bars and it automatically goes off after 9 minutes on standby.
  • It can hold up to 12 used capsules.
  • It weighs about 6.6 pounds.

Pixie aluminum

  • It comes with Lungo and espresso programing buttons
  • It features drip tray to accommodate large recipes and cups
  • It only takes 25 to 30 seconds to brew your coffee
  • It comes with backlight indicators
  • It also features water level detection
  • It has auto power off after some minutes of inactivity
  • It comes with used capsule container
  • The power cord can be stored conveniently.
  • The tank has 24 ounce capacity.
  • It weighs 6.6 pounds.

Citiz & Milk nespresso

  • Its water tank has 34 ounce capacity and it is easily removable.
  • It also features drip tray.
  • Its energy efficiency is top class no doubt, designed to save 40% of energy when it is set in the energy savings mode.
  • It has pump pressure of 19 bars and it requires 1260 watts for its operation.
  • It is only compatible with nespresso coffee and espresso capsules.
  • It is made using stainless steel and ABS plastic.

Lattissima nespresso

  • It comes with single touch hot milk system.
  • It slides the milk tank to the front
  • It is very easy to maintain thanks to the clean button it features.
  • The control panel has well illuminated control buttons and makes it easy to select favorite drink easily. You will have access to 2 coffee and 3 milk selections.
  • It come with patented coffee capsule system via which the machine gets the used capsules ejected once brewing is done.
  • It comes with auto-off timer and energy saving features
  • It comes with drip tray designed in a unique manner via which it accommodates latte cups.
  • It weighs about 10 pounds.


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