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Different Models of Single Serve Coffee Maker | Keurig, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach

Its various models

There are different sizes and models of the single cup coffee maker; they have so many features that will make it very easy and fast for you to make your coffee whenever you want to. Some models also have several advanced features which gives you more control over the flavor while there are models that offer you a hot water dispenser feature.

All these features make coffee very attractive and devoid of stress, also based on the consideration that some people want their coffee fresh and save themselves the pain of throwing old and long brewed coffee, single serve models are very suitable for such concerns.


Keurig K55 is by far the best in terms of value in the Keurig machines

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Guide

There are several features that you need to consider very well which will ensure that you buy the best single serve coffee maker, some of the features that will guide you in making a decision includes;

Strength Control

For some people there major preference is a lighter blend coffee and for others the heavy-duty coffee is their choice, if you are within any of these classes then you need a coffee machine with lots of strength control mechanism to enable you to adjust the taste to suit your desired flavor so you need to find these features in the model you want to buy

Adjustable Volume

This feature serves very busy office settings with many workers having their separate mugs and ready to drain the coffee maker, such coffee makers size range from 4 to 18 ounce cup in a machine.

Tank Capacity

Sometimes it could take up to 3 minutes for some models to produce the coffee for you, however with coffee makers that possess large tanks, they actually require less time to produce the coffee, in some models, you could actually get the coffee ready in about 30 seconds. This serves an office environment with several people that will want to have a coffee at the same time.

Brewing Options

With the advancement in technology, modern features now enable several options for people when brewing their coffee, there are some models that can handle both the brewing of the coffee and also their tea at the same time. Some models of coffee maker have this feature which can give you a coffee from one side and also a tea from another side like the Keurig single cup coffee maker; this is an added feature which any person intending to buy a brewing machine will consider. You need to have the perfect ingredients and a great coffee maker to brew the best coffee.

Single Cup Coffee Makes Review

Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System

Apart from the beautiful shape of this brewer, this model of Cuisinart single serve coffee maker has several attractive features that will make you go for it, Cuisinart models of brewing machines comes in various sizes with diverse capacities to suit the brewing needs of different people. Read through to find out these features;

  • It has an 80 ounce detachable water reservoir, spacious enough to make the coffee faster and very fresh
  • It has 5 great sizes of cup that you can select from with one of them meant for iced beverages.
  • With the removable drip tray that has the capacity to accommodate taller mugs, it is much easy to clean
  • There is a programmable backlight which has a LCD display, this includes features such as automatic off and on settings, it also has a digital clock and adjustable temperature settings

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

One of the great brewing machines is the Hamilton brands of brewing machines, this brewing machine is very suitable for people who want to make use of their own newly ground coffee instead of the already ground and packaged ones, this model enables you to grind, scoop it and then brew it. Other remarkable features of the Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker includes;

  • It has a durable stainless steel build and it gives an upscale look in kitchens
  • The Hamilton Beach 49981A machine provides the users with a stand which is used for coffee mugs
  • The mug stand can also be flipped to allow taller mugs enough space whenever there is a need for that
  • This machine has a capacity of brewing as much as 14 ounces of fine coffee into travel mugs or coffee mugs

Generally you need to ensure that the coffee maker is clean and devoid of dirt, this is to enhance the taste of the coffee and the smell of the coffee. When the coffee making machine is dirty, it could slow down the speed of the entire process, there is therefore a need for you to clean it at least monthly and also depending on your usage, there are some models that has the feature of self cleaning, all that is needed in such models is for you to add vinegar and water in certain amount and it will clean for further use.


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