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Distinguishing Qualities of Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Its various identities

The nespresso capsules are referred to by different names. Some do call them coffee capsules and others call them coffee containers. However, the name is not the most important thing about them but the quality of coffee you are able to get from them. Nespresso capsules are designed to give you top class taste any time and any day. They add flavour and taste to the capsule and the espresso.

The capsule also determines the strength of the coffee, depending on the amount and strength of the coffee in the capsule. Nespresso capsules are of 16 different types and each of them has its specific taste and aroma that it adds to your coffee and espresso.

Nespresso coffee capsules

They are called Grand Crus on their official site. People tend to associate this term more with wines than with coffee. But if the truth must be told, your coffee can also have very strong impact on your emotions just like a wine does. Though coffee rarely makes you act overboard like wine does.

Best for home coffee

Espresso capsules represent the staple of the Nespresso range of coffee capsules or containers, and also showcase the most common coffee blends that go into their ideal home-made coffee. They are different in intensity and they come from a variety of coffee-producing regions, and are also the most popular of all the capsule types you can come by around.

Additionally, there are seven of these in comparison with the three in the other types, so this type also has the most variety of different flavours, strength, aroma and tastes. The nespresso machines have capsule holder on which the used coffee capsules are collected.

The capsule holders differ in capacity depending on the type of machine. Some machines can hold up to 11 capsules; some can hold up to 12 and there are some other ones able to hold up to 14 used capsules. You may want to consider this capacity difference when buying your nespresso machine.

Vertuoline capsule

Its roasting brings out the best in it and makes it one of the best tasting coffee capsules you have ever come by. On grinding, it brings out all its great tastes and the coffee made from this is better enjoyed in a large cup. It will give you floral, cereal, wooded and roasted taste all rolled into one. Nothing is as exciting as this. It gets you prepared to face the day’s challenges squarely.

Vertuoline capsule

It consists of 10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the nespresso VertuoLine system. It is an intense coffee and is also referred to as Stormio. It is highly roasted and originates from Nicaraguan and Guatemalan. It is an Arabica coffee beans and evokes spicy, woody and cereal taste and aroma. When you add milk, you will softens its intensity but its distinct roasted notes will remain.

Some other features are:

  • The Nespresso VertuoLine is also called Stormio capsules and it has an Intensity of 8
  • It is to be used for nespresso vertuoline system alone
  • It makes use of centrifuge system
  • Each sleeve contains 10 Nespresso VertuoLine

The netrusso capsules are divided into 4 categories. They are highlighted below:

  • Espresso capsules
  • Pure origine capsules
  • Lingo capsules
  • Decaffeinato capsules

Pure original capsule


This type comes in varieties. They are 3 in number and are also considered as espressos, but they specifically come from a single place unlike many other capsules that come as blends. These are considered as the Nespresso premium coffees because of their high quality. The tastes vary between very smooth and delicate, as well as extremely intense taste. Make sure that you try them out to decide on any of the three that is best for you.

Nespresso lungo capsule

is also special in all sense of the word and the capsules in this category add their own varieties of tastes to your coffee and espresso. They are 3 in number also, unlike the espresso capsules that are 6 in number. They are made especially for longer coffees so that people with Nespresso machines can enjoy them. It must be noted that it is only compatible with the nespresso machine, just like every other variety of the nespresso capsules.

Decaffeinato Capsules

This too adds great taste to coffee and espresso. This type is available in three different forms and specially made for those that enjoy the taste of coffee but are perhaps somewhat sensitive to caffeine. As its name suggests, it contains no caffeine. They mostly originate from South America. Some of them have chocolate and grille aroma that make them really tasty.

These capsules can be bought easily online. You can patronise Nespresso Club to get what you need, but you must be ready to buy minimum of 50 capsules. At Nespresso Club, you are also offered top level customer service and also have access to technical support.


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