Facts about Nespresso Pods

Various types

Nespresso pods are of different types. In fact, they are 16 in number. They are the secrets behind the sweet and nutritious coffee and espresso these machines are producing. They make the coffees taste exactly the way you want them. They add the needed flavor, aroma and strength to your coffee and espresso.

Nespresso pods

Each of them has its own particular aroma. You are in for a real nice time if you can try out each of the 16 types. Nespressor machines are designed to hold up to 12 capsules at the same time in their capsule containers. Some other ones can hold as many as 14 capsules.

Make your choice

As hinted earlier, each of them come with different taste and aroma. You will have to work with each in order to choose the one that best meets with your desires. It may be a confusing situation for a newbie, but you will get a grasp of it with time and be able to choose any particular one that best suits your taste and idea of a perfect coffee.

You will find each of them to comes  with its unique taste that will make you always go for the next cup of coffee.  It is simply an experience you will always want to relive. The idea of checking them one by one may not sound appealing, but it is actually fun.

What is nespresso pods?

It is a special kind of coffee pod used by nespressor machines. They are actually shorter than the normal type of pod you come by around. They are especially designed to fit into the machine. They are however not natural or agricultural; the pods are man-made.

They are usually sealed hemetically and they are mostly sealed using various materials like aluminium. The materials used to seal them had never been known to lead to any health hazard or taint the coffee or espresso they produce in any way. You can therefore consume your coffee without any such fear. The pods are of high standard and they make your coffee really tasty.


What do the pods contain?

They generally contain coffee and flavor. As hinted earlier, each of them adds its own unique taste to the coffee, which means the flavors are different. By the help of the nespresso pods, you can produce coffee tasting 16 different ways. You can decide to switch from one particular taste to the other from time to time.

You can get them to buy very easily around and they are not expensive in the least. Many online outlets are also selling and you can place order for them and have them delivered at your doorsteps at no extra cost. Such deliveries are also fast and can be reliable depending on the outlet you patronise.

Different categories of nespresso pods

  • Espresso pod: They are of very high standards actually and they naturally contain coffee. The coffee pods are designed for producing espresso drink. They make the drink tasty, flavored and nutritious. They tend to be shorter than the normal coffee. They are equally made available in different strengths. Their strengths are indicated on the pods and you are to decide on the one you want depending on how strong you want your espresso to be. Nespresso has made 6 different espresso pods available to their clients and it is left for you to choose any that best fits with your taste idea.
  • Pure origine pods: These ones are 3 in number and they also add great taste to your espresso.
  • Lungo pods: They are traditionally longer coffee, designed to use approximately twice the amount of water that is in an espresso. It is also known as a ‘tall’ coffee.
  • Decaffeinato capsules: They are special capsules from Nespresso. There exist three of these and they vary by intensity of their taste.

Pure origine pods

Where to buy coffee pods

As hinted earlier, you can buy them either online or offline. Online purchase is faster and it is less stressful, unlike when you buy directly from a brick and mortal outlet. Though, you will be able to properly assess what you are buying if you are buying from a brick and mortal outlet. This tends to give you more control on the purchase.

Espresso pod

Nespresso Club is one of the best ways to get the nespresso pods. You will be able to buy the pods from any of their boutiques close to you. You can also order via the internet or via phone call. The delivery is very fast and the quality is assured. When you buy via Nespresso Club, you will be given professional advice on the thing you are buying. Additionally, you will have access to free technical support in the event things go wrong. One let down associated with this is that you will have to buy minimum of 50 pods when patronising Nespresso Club.

Decaffeinato capsules

Other online outlets, like Costco also make the nespresso pods available. They do not place restriction on quantity like they do at Nespresso Club.


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