Features and Models Of Nespresso Citiz

Ever reliable coffee maker

Nespresso Citiz is an ever reliable and ever trustworthy coffee and espresso making machine and it has proved itself to be durable over the years. The machine makes the coffee and the espresso exactly the way you want it. It gives you all the control and all the power to choose how you want the espresso or the coffee to be. Do you want it mild or bold? The machine is able to meet with your needs exactly the way you want it.

Nespresso Citiz

The coffee and espresso maker comes with loads of features that place it at pole position in comparison with several others out there.  It had been around for a very long time now and it has proved itself to be among the best you can ever come by. Below, some of the features of the nespresso citiz that makes it the best money can buy will be discussed.

Its outstanding features

It is equipped with Aeroccino and this makes it the perfect choice for those who love milk based coffee.  It is easy to use and the installation is very simple process. It is user friendly and the functioning is highly intuitive. It can make available plenty of coffee at the same time to ensure every one in the home or office can have a share of the coffee or espresso at the same time. It therefore removes argument or strife regarding who should take the coffee or who should not.

Its control and maintenance are not complicated in the least. A single touch of a button will get the best of coffee and espresso prepared for every member of the household. You can easily program how much coffee you want. Its mode of operation is equally automatic.  It can prepare some of the best Lungo and Espresso.

Aside the above, the machine comes with dedicated space useful for coffee preparation and it also features top performing integrated milk frothing device that can be used for latte and Cappuccino.  The machine equally has a large enough whisk storage space.

Its water tank is large enough and can take adequate quantity of water for the coffee and espresso. Aside the features discussed above, there are some other features in the nespresso citiz that must be mentioned and they are highlighted below:

  • The machine comes with specially designed used-capsule container that adds more to its appearance and makes it all the more attractive and befitting for your home and office.
  • It comes with fairly large drip tray and the tray can be easily removed to improve on its compact appearance and for easy cleaning.  The drip tray can also be folded and it provides the needed support for your coffee cup.
  • The machine features lungo and espresso buttons. You only need to press any of them depending on whether you want to prepare lungo or espresso.
  • The coffee making machine has pump pressure of 19 bar
  • It comes with energy saving features that ensures the machine does not consume excess amount of energy. This way, you will not have to empty your bank account to foot energy bill.
  • The water tank is considerably large and it is easily removable. It is about 1 liter in capacity.
  • You can create your milk-based coffee very easily thanks to the Aerroccino integrated in the coffee maker.
  • You only need to press a button to produce either your beloved Lungo or your sweet-tasting espresso.
  • It is a single service espresso maker that works automatically.
  • It can be used with the coffee capsules especially designed for nespresso.
  • It weighs about 12.9 pounds.

Nespresso citiz review

Nespresso citiz are of different types. They are all built in the same manner, but there are some differentiating features you may want to check out when making your purchase. There are about 8 different model of the machine available. The models D111, C111, D110 and C110 are totally stand-alone nespresso machines; this means they do not come with milk frother.

You can however buy the milk frother separately if you end up buying any of these models. The D110 and the C110 are the older versions of the machine and they tend to be bigger in size and heavier than the other two stand-alone models. Aside the issue of size and weight, there is no other difference among the models.


Another set of models worthy of mention are the models D121, C121, D120 and C120.  These ones are not stand-alone like the previous models.  They are included with Nespresso Aerroccino milk frother.  The base is relatively large and this is so for all of them in this group.

The large base provides the sitting place for the milk frother built into it. They all have lots of similarities. However, the C120 and the D121 are somewhat older than the C121 and the D121. The weights and the sizes are entirely similar. The colors however differ and the positions of the switch button differ from one model to another.


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