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Quick Maintenance Tips for Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Innovative technology

There is little that cannot be achieved with the new advancement in technology; it has actually simplified most of the tasks that we could have spent so much time trying to do. Indeed it is possible to get your iced tea with less stress, all you need to do is add the necessary ingredients and press a button to get a great iced tea.

Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Available in options

You have several options to choose from based on personal choices, you can decide to use tea bags or even the loose tea and both will be accepted. There are no parts that you need to assemble for it to start working. The only parts of the tea maker that can be moved includes the lid and the filter basket, the iced tea makers come in both 2 and 3-quart containers

How to use the Iced Tea Maker

  • You need to first of all notice the water line which has water drops signifying the quantity of water that is needed based on the amount of tea you are brewing. When you take a much closer look, you will also notice that there are marks signifying the amount of ice you are supposed to use for the tea.
  • As soon as you have taken note of that, choose the type of tea bag and put them into the filter basket. If you are using a loose tea, then it is advised that you use a four-cup coffee filter also with the filter basket
  • Take note of the brew control in front of the machine, proceed to adjust it to your preferred brew
  • Shift the shower head to the side and bring out the basket, from the pitcher pour water into the reservoir to the level that you prefer. Ensure that you put the shower head back over the basket before closing the reservoir cover.
  • Proceed to fill the pitcher with the proper quantity of ice that corresponds with the quantity of water that you are using taking proper note of the marks as earlier discussed. You can add more flavour to the tea by adding lemon and sugar to the filter basket. Place the lid onto a wide space and slip directly under the place you have steep and brew control.
  • Turn on the unit by pressing the on button and within 10 minutes the whole process is over after the machine turns off automatically

There could be some variations based on the model that you have but this will give you some insight, also the manual will be a very good source of getting instructions on how to use the machine.

Cleaning the Iced Tea Maker

Before you start the cleaning process of the iced tea maker, it is important that the unit is unplugged for safety reason, as soon as that is done then you can follow the steps below to do a simple cleaning of the tea maker;

  • After unplugging the machine, allow it to cool down, always clean the pitcher, brew basket and the lid with your hand and do not use hash materials in washing them. You can make use of warm water and a mild detergent
  • Because of the use of hard water sometimes, they usually leave mineral deposits in the pitcher and also the brew basket; you can clean them by soaking them with undiluted white vinegar that is warm for about 20 minutes. Proceed to rinse them very well with clean water.

Decalcifying your Ice Tea Maker

You need to constantly remove the calcium content in the tea maker; you can easily notice an increase in the calcium content when the brewing machine has an increased steaming. There are recommended cleaning interval for the ice tea maker, for soft water users, you can decalcify the unit every eighty brew cycles and for hard water users, you need to decalcify the unit every forty brew cycles.

What you need to decalcify the Mr. Coffee tea maker unit is the common household white vinegar or the Mr. Coffee cleaner. Once you are set to do the cleaning, follow the simple steps;

  • Pour a quart of white vinegar which is not diluted into the tea maker water reservoir
  • Keep the pitcher lid on the pitcher and thereafter slide it into place under the iced tea maker
  • Turn on the tea maker and allow it to brew the vinegar and as soon as a cup of vinegar has been pumped into the pitcher, unplug and leave it for about 30 minutes
  • Plug again and the unit will automatically pump out any remaining vinegar
  • As soon as the tea maker shuts down, unplug and throw away the vinegar after removing the pitcher
  • Fill pitcher with water, a very clean water and make sure it gets to the 3-quart mark on the pitcher and repeat all the earlier mentioned process once or more depending on the results you get.

When the brewing machine is clean, you will always get the best taste from the tea that the ice tea brewing machine will provide.


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