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Sweet Experience with the Pour Over Coffee Maker

Best for all purposes

The brewing of your coffee without the use of the new brewing machines comes with great advantages and there are so many people that prefer their coffee brewed manually. One basic reason and advantage of pour over coffee brewing is that it enables you to have full control over every variables and steps of the coffee brewing.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

The feature above enables you to have a unique coffee rather than a general taste coffee due to several factors. This new desire has therefore brought about several methods of brewing the coffee and also renewed old methods which have been abandoned for several years due to new technologies.

pour-over coffee concept

pour-over coffee concept with water and coffee

Its benefits

Some of the benefits of the hand brew coffee are explained here;

  • When using the pour over coffee method, you have that chance of controlling the speed with which the hot water comes in contact with the coffee beans, when the speed is slow, it gives the hot water more time to extract the flavor from the coffee and give you a very rich and highly flavoured coffee
  • There are people that may need to add other ingredients to their coffee to give it a more creamier taste and look and this is easily done with the use of the pour over coffee.

Required equipments

There are some equipments that are needed to brew a great coffee with the pour over method:

  • You need a scale to measure the coffee
  • You need a good grinder for grinding the coffee
  • You also need a single cup drip coffee cone
  • A measuring cup is very important in brewing your coffee
  • You definitely need a coffee cup for pouring the delicious coffee
  • Finally you must have a single cup paper filter to filter the coffee

Most of the things that you will do are what the coffee making machines usually do, you make sure that your water is very clean and also the filter is clean, this will give you the best taste.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

pour over coffee maker

Various benefits

Check out some of the reasons why pour over coffee is a great way to brew coffee.

Cleaner Coffee

With the use of the pour over method of coffee brewing, you are definitely going to get the cleanest coffee because there will be no residue after the process is done. As soon as your water boils and you pour it into the cone and stir it, the coffee drains down into your mug leaving the residue behind and giving you the perfect brewed coffee.

Perfect for a Cup

The use of the machine unit for brewing your coffee or even the use of the coffee pots would usually leave you with more coffee than you may need at the time. You may end up drinking more than you would have wanted thereby increasing the quantity of caffeine.

With the pour over method, all that you brew is the cup that you want to drink and this greatly reduces the wastage that comes with other methods. It also serves as a point of interaction for some office people that may need something to do that could ignite interaction with a customer or a client.

coffee and coffee beans

Better Extraction

When you let the water to boil very well, and you pour the water into the cone, when you stir it well, it gives room for proper extraction of your coffee and it increases the richness of the coffee that you brew. There is no need for a hot plate to keep the coffee warm since you have control over the quantity of the coffee you make.

Saves Cost

The prices of the cones are not expensive and you will re-use them severally for a long time. When you compare this to the cost of having a coffee making machine then you will discover that it saves you cost and at the same time gives you a rich coffee experience.

Because the equipments you need to brew your coffee are not many, there is limited chance of damages and in the event of one, the cost is not going to be much compared to the cost of maintaining a brewing machine


Pour over coffee indeed offers you coffee making that is devoid of the stress of washing the machine unit; they are very easy to wash since you can add them to the dishwasher. This enhances cleaner coffee and gives you better taste.


There are several factor that the best pour over coffee makers put into consideration before they proceed to make their coffee and some of them have been explained already, sometimes it could be as a result of coffee to water ratio of the coffee that you are brewing a that could give you a poor taste in the coffee. Ensure you have proper measurements to have a great coffee taste


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