Things You Must Know about Bunn Coffee Maker

Its origin

The Bunn-o-Matic Corporation is indeed the manufacturers of one of the best tea and coffee brewing equipments, the founder who is George Bunn also is credited with the invention of the unique coffee filter and their products are sold with the brand name Bunn. This company is credited to have introduced the first automatic drip-brew coffee maker in the year 1963.

Primarily their customers where large foodservice providers but now they have a product which is suited for home use which is a dip brewer and was first produced in the year 1972. Their home brewing machines gives you exactly the same quality with their commercial models too which gives wonderful and tasty coffee very quickly, consistently and very simple to use.

Available models

Some of their home coffee brewer models include;

  • BUNN NHBX 10 Cup which can brew 10 cups of great tasting coffee in 3 minutes and has a stainless steel tank and also great internal thermostat which helps to maintain the best temperature for great brewing
  • BUNN BX 10 Cup which has a classic build, easy to close and brew lid and also has the patented spray head design which helps in the extraction of coffee flavor
  • BUNN GRX 10 Cup

BUNN GRX 10 Cup coffee brewer

Bunn commercial coffee makers can choose from a range of coffee brewers that have the capacity to meet their brewing needs easily.

Some of the great Bunn brewer models are;

  • BUNN My Café MCA Automatic Commercial grade Pod Brewer, this commercial brewer can brew coffee within 30 seconds and has the capacity to brew both coffee and also tea
  • BUNN A10 Pourover Coffee Brewer which comes with a warmer, this brewer can brew about 10.98 litres of great tasting coffee in one hour, it does not need plumbing and has a great space saving feature that will fit many counters

Some of the Bunn coffee maker parts which are replaceable includes the seal, gaskets, warmer plates and warmer plate switcher and if you are in need of any replacement of their parts, it has to be done by factory trained workers for your safety in line with the UL requirements.


BUNN NHBX 10 Cup Coffee brewer

How to Brew Best with Bunn Brewer

For Bunn coffee makers that want to have an amazing coffee taste, some information that will guide you to get such taste are included below;

  • Ensure that the brewer is very clean to avoid bad taste or smell that may not allow the flavors to be great
  • When pouring the water, ensure you use a fresh and cold water
  • Ensure that you make use of the Bunn paper filters in order to get proper extraction
  • Ensure you use between 2 to 4 ounces of very fresh and grounded coffee for a full 50 oz coffee pot and try to adjust the recipe to suit individual taste
  • Make sure that you set the decanter on the warmer so as to ensure that the coffee remains warm. Always ensure that your brewed coffee does not stay too long so as to get a very fresh flavor

How to Drain the Coffee Brewer

BUNN A10 Pourover coffee brewer

In order to drain your brewer, follow the steps below:

  • First of all you need to unplug the brewer thereafter position an empty decanter on warmer plate, get some cold water and pour it into it to reduce the water temperature. After doing this, wait for fifteen minutes for the brewer to cool
  • Once the brewer is cool, remove the glass decanter and also remove the filter basket from the brewer
  • The spray head which is the round disc located above the brew funnel should be removed by turning it in a counterclockwise direction
  • Pick up the brewer gently and carefully turn it facing down over a sink and keep tipping the brewer till water stops flowing both from the spray head and from the top lid area
  • When all these has been done, replace the spray head but ensure that all the water has been drained from the brewer. Ensure that you tighten it securely by turning it in a clockwise direction
  • Follow the proper start-up procedures before plugging in the brewer

How to clean a Bunn coffee maker

There are different ways that the Bunn brewer can be cleaned, basic cleaning of the brewer requires you to wipe down the machine using a damp cloth but first you must unplug it and allow it to cool down. Other types of cleaning which can be done periodically include;

  • Spray Head lime removal, over a period of time lime deposits will take place due to several reasons, always ensure the brewer is unplugged, follow the guidelines earlier explained on how to drain the brewer and insert the probe through the hole seen after the spray head is removed and leave 2 inches between fingers. Move the probe up and down for about 6 times to take off crusty deposits and thereafter examine to ensure a clog free spray head.
  • Heat water cleaning
  • Thermal Carafe cleaning


Whether for home use or for commercial use, a Bunn brewer is always available to meet your needs. Always ensure you read the owner’s manual to get the best information about the model that you bought.


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